Long Term Stabilization & strong flexible Pavements

Build strong flexible pavements in rural roading, motorways and highways.


With BQ-6999 Polymer, you can create instant infrastructure and build low cost, long term roading. When compared to standard construction, our product is a low cost alternative to foam bitumen stabilization – 40% cheaper and 3 times stronger! BQ-6999 can offer savings of up to 33% and with an experienced crew, construction of up to 1km per day can be attained.


BQ-6999’s patented advanced nanotechnology is modernizing the way aggregates are stabilized with the added benefits of controlling dust and modifying pavements with incredible performance. Using BQ-6999, you can simply increase the amount of cement/polymer additive without the worries of fatigue, brittleness and water ingress whilst increasing tensile, flexural and CBR strengths.

Features & Benefits


BQ-6999 can yield a 50% reduction in overall pavement depth compared to untreated materials


BQ-6999 lasts longer – up to 1.5 – 3 times longer than traditional construction methods


Safe and easy for construction crews to use – Not heated like foam bitumen methods


Where construction times are limited, trained applicators can install up to 6000 sqm/day of finished pavement


Provides customers with a water resistant pavement and cures rapidly at ambient temperatures


Where construction water availability is limited, brackish water can also be used


 Enhanced resistance to weathering and improved long term durability with respect to high temperatures or high rainfall


Rehabilitation recycling and strengthening of existing granular pavements


Where there is limited local material, BQ-6999 can be milled with the insitu to bring up marginal pavement gravels suitable for purpose


BQ-6999 can modify and improve organic and non-organic subgrades and base course layers as well



Civil Construction

Mining Applications

Runway Applications

Forestry, Mining, Construction & Agriculture

Rural Roads

Highway Construction

Cycle Tracks

Walkways/Golf Cart Paths

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