Co-Polymer Soil Cement

Erosion control, Dust Suppression & Hydroseeding

Erosion control – exceptional surface coating solution & hydroseeding


Proven and rigorously evaluated advanced technology, our co-polymer soil cement stabilizes sands and soils, eliminates erosion and dust problems on large highways, commercial operation sites, urban areas and construction sites.

It is a liquid form co-polymer soil cement used for short term dust control, hydro seeding with heavier doses providing erosion control for extended periods. CSC is your unique solution from simple dust control to heavy erosion control. CSC is successfully used in hydroseeding as a film that promotes faster grass growth, and is environmentally safe to use.

designed for efficacy

CSC’s advanced UV stable technology creates a superskin that is water resistant, extremely flexible, durable and can be used at very low dose rates. Purposefully designed for use in and on soils, sands and other free flowing or unbound surfaces, CSC has a proven ability when used for Hydroseeding to create faster germination by holding the moisture in and creating the correct environment for the seed to germinate.

Features & Benefits


Specifically designed for free flowing or unbound surfaces


Fast setting


Reduce dust to PM10 Standards


Can be used on many soil types


Provides safer roads and driving conditions


Minimises wind and water erosion


Can be topped up if dust appears or skin is broken


UV resistant


Meets environmental requirements


Can be used when Hydroseeding for quicker germination




Construction Sites

Temporary Car Parks


Mine Tailing Piles and Stockpiles

Train Carriage Dust Control

Embankment Stabilization

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